Wood fences have been and remain to be a trendy choice in the fence ideas of homeowners living in residential neighbourhoods. Although vinyl fences have risen to popularity because they last longer than wood fences, there are still many options that fit different people’s needs. Most can be researched when you look for fencing online. If security is your main concern, a solid board wood fence would be the ideal choice for you. It can keep intruders out while maintaining privacy. A solid board wood fence is made up of vertical boards attached to horizontal members, making sure that there is no space between them. Paired with a securely locked gate, this will help you feel more secure in your home.

If your reason for having a fence installation in your house is for privacy, then the trusted fencing contractors of Hobart will make sure to help you achieve this goal. The solid structure of Hobart’s affordable fencing serves as high walls without gaping holes. This kind of wood fence also blocks sound, and you can choose which shape you would like your house fence to be so that its installation can provide you with utmost privacy.

There are many kinds of timber that you can buy for your wood fences, but the best choice and the most durable kind are the Class I timbers. The Class I timbers include ironbark, tallowwood, cypress, grey gum, and yellow cedar.

One of the top choices in Hobart’s affordable fencing installation is yellow cedar because it goes beyond the lifespan of other wood varieties. No matter what the weather may be, the yellow cedar wood fence is sure to withstand it. In any condition, this kind of wood fence will maintain its shape and appearance. Yellow cedar is ideally suited to fencing in Australia, and because it lasts for a very long time, your money will be very much worth it.

Yellow Cedar Fence

Yellow cedar is highly durable, and to have it as the material for a fence would give you a long-lasting product that you can be proud of for years to come. Yellow cedar fences go well with any outdoor weather condition, and rain or shine, the weather won’t be a problem for you. It really is the best material for your ideal fence.

Some homeowners do not put fencing as their priority when it comes to making improvements to their homes, but house fences made out of yellow cedar can really change the overall look and feel of your home. Having a wood fence made out of yellow cedar will result in a pleasing and beautiful yard that people are sure to admire. The original colour of yellow cedar is already beautiful. Still, some people would like to explore more fence ideas and opt to have the wood stained.

Fence Installation

The best way to enjoy peaceful and private moments in your backyard is to have a fence installation by the fencing contractors of Hobart. This wood fence option is the best choice if you want to build a long-lasting structure. Aside from its durability, it is also water-resistant and makes the property look attractive. Overall, when you consider its value for money, you can say that it’s an excellent choice for cheap fencing.

Sizes and Materials

The most common sizes of a yellow cedar wood fence are 4” x 4” and 6” x 6”, and they can either be dressed or rough sawn. Having a yellow cedar wood fence is great because it can naturally resist weather conditions and insects. Still, in comparison to other types of wood fences, it is not as invulnerable to soil rot. It may incur damage after many years because of this. The best way to have a durable house fence from yellow cedar is to add a concrete base or treated wood that will serve as fence posts. The bunnings fence panels can be customized to achieve styles like lattice-topped or saddleback.

Fence Cost

The average cost of yellow cedar wood fence installation by the fencing contractors of Hobart is between $7 to $12 per linear ft. The cost of fence installation mainly depends on the condition of the property.

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