People live in houses to get shelter and protection, and these fences complete the frame of your houses. Every time people pass by, the first thing they notice is your house fence. It adds personality and character to your homes. It even sometimes shows the nature of the people living in that house. But more than the aesthetics, the house fence has a higher purpose than that. It provides security, privacy, and control for the people living inside the house, and from the people living outside the fence.

Why Fencing is Important

Placing house fences around your homes have a lot of practical benefits. One of the significant benefits is the security it provides. This is the primary purpose why most people always choose to have their homes fenced. It becomes protection from trespassers, thieves, animals, and other intruders. House fencing is also essential from the privacy point of view. It helps you determine your boundaries and enables you to define your property lines legally.

Why Fencing is Important

Important Fence Characteristics
Before you decide on what type of fence to install, you should consider some factors. Here’s a list:

  • Appearance – fences affect how your houses would look like. So, make sure that the house fence you would choose reflects on your character and personality.
  • Privacy – this depends on the level of privacy you would want to have. Some house fences can provide partial covering only, whereas other house fences can completely cover your homes from the outside.
  • Security – as much as you want to give privacy to the people living inside the house, always consider their safety, especially if there are children. Some house fences can be too sharp and be prone to accidents.
  • Availability – in deciding which type of fence to install, you have first to find out if the fence materials are available within the area, especially in your locality. If materials are easily transported, it will be cost-efficient for you.
  • Cost – this factor should be one of the most significant considerations in your decision making. There are a lot of budget-friendly fences that could still provide security and privacy to your homes.



Chain wire fencing, or also known as chain mesh fencing, is a common and popular type of fencing. People widely use it because it is the cheapest fencing there is. It is a popular choice, especially for business owners, because it is not only easily installed but it has a lot of purposes, specifically security.

These fences are prevalent and are favoured to secure schools, sports facilities, and even to some homeowners because it is the cheapest type of fencing. It does not require heavy maintenance but is still durable. The downside is that chain wire fences do not provide much privacy to the people inside the area.

The most basic purpose of this type of fence is to define boundaries. Some residents prefer chain wire fences as their house fence because it does not block the view at all. If you have pets or children, this cheap fencing is the perfect option to contain them. You can install it within your area for the pets and the children to have free range on your property. But most importantly, it acts as the first defence, especially in high-security areas. It creates a signal to the people that such areas should not be accessed by unauthorized personnel. Hence, if someone attempts to enter the facility, they can be immediately apprehended by the security personnel since it is not easy to cut through the fence.

If you are on a tight budget but still would want to have a secured area, then chain link fencing is the one for you.


Wrought iron is one of the most robust materials that you can ever use on your house fence. It differs from pure iron or cast iron in such a way that it is tough, malleable, corrosion-resistant, and easily welded in comparison to pure iron. It got the name “wrought” due to its malleability when used in swords, chisels, axes, and other cutlery. Over time, it was replaced by steel, but wrought iron remains to be one of the most durable fencing materials there is.

As a home fence, wrought iron is more resistant to shock, denting, and vibration, and when it does get some damage after a few years, it occurs gradually. Hence, you have plenty of time to notice it and have it repaired before the damage worsens. If a part of the fence does get damaged somehow, it can easily be repaired by the fencing contractors of Hobart, and you won’t need to replace the whole structure.

In terms of security, wrought iron fencing with bars that aren’t too widely spaced will keep children and pets safe in your yard. It will keep both human and animal intruders out.

Wrought iron fences are best installed in gardens within the bounds of your property if you aim to have a fence for design. Aesthetically, using wrought iron as a material for your metal fence will allow you to have a distinctive decorative appearance. When wrought iron is forged and “wrought” with special tools, the result is a unique design that will make your fence look strong but beautiful. Eventually, though, wrought iron will rust. Still, a simple paint job every 3-4 years will keep it looking as beautiful as it was the first time it was installed.


Brick Wall is the most traditional and widely used house or yard fencing. It is universal because there are infinite design opportunities in brick walls. Not to mention that it is fire resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions. You can customize the wall’s height according to your choice and preference.
A lot of people prefer to go for creepers to cover the part of brick wall fencing or make it colourful by getting painted with good quality exterior paint. You can also be creative and have a combination of brick wall with other options like wires, iron fencing, and a lot more.
However, the disadvantage of a brick wall is that it can hardly be relocated. It requires a significant amount of money which is not cost-efficient for you. This will also occupy a large space, and it will reduce your land area, which can be used for other purposes. This is very critical if you are living in urban areas.


When it comes to finding an economical solution to fencing in Tasmania, aluminium fencing is one of the most common fence ideas. In comparison to the traditional wrought iron fencing, aluminium is a cheap fencing alternative because it is easy to manufacture though still highly efficient.

Aluminium fences are more advantageous over the wrought iron fences because they don’t rust and they require minimum maintenance. They also don’t have to be repainted after a couple of years because they are made to have long-term flawless appearances due to the number of protective coats it receives during the manufacturing process.

In comparison to wood and chain-link fences, aluminium ones offer more security because intruders cannot climb over them. Unlike chain link fences, they cannot be cut through. Aluminium fences can have spear-topped pickets to ensure greater security. If the land isn’t flat, aluminium fence panels can adjust to the slope without leaving gaps.

In terms of aesthetic, black aluminium fencing complements almost any landscape, and this can make your property aesthetically appealing. Furthermore, aluminium fences usually come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty, so that saves you a lot of future costs when it comes to maintenance issues.


Although natural wood has always been the “go-to” for residential landscape fencing due to its affordability, aesthetic, and availability, new material has entered the fencing scene in recent years. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride plastic, is a petroleum-based product used in many different areas of a home or building construction, most commonly in pipes. These days, PVC has come to be used as a material in fencing.

The first PVC fences were simple white fencing panels with shiny surfaces. Still, nowadays, their design has evolved to include more colours, including wood tones. In more advanced manufacturers, some PVC fencing panels even closely resemble wood in terms of texture and appearance.

These days, any style of fencing can be done with PVC fencing panels – from ranch-rails to pickets, and even to tall privacy fences. For a DIYer, PVC fences are easier to install compared to wood fences. However, both are still best installed by professionals. With the fencing contractors of Hobart, you will save time, effort, and labour!

When it comes to choosing visually pleasing fences, wood fences generally look naturally more beautiful due to its flexibility. After a long time, PVC fencing panels may have their shiny coat replaced with a chalky coating. However, PVC panels don’t change colours, and they do not require repainting (whereas wood fences do). If cleaned regularly, PVC panels will stay white year after year.


This type of fence is also known as the invisible fence, hence called as mental barriers. This is commonly used for animals, especially for dogs. There are wires buried in the ground, and the animal will receive an electric shock if it crosses beyond the boundaries.
The advantage of using electric fencing is that it requires lesser materials compared to other types of fencing, and they take less time to install. Also, it is easy to remove and reinstall it somewhere else.
There are some things that you need to remember if you have electric fencing installed. Do not leave your fence tight during winter as the wire might contract and pull your braces out of line. Also, never run electrical wiring in conjunction with barb wire. Refrain from using low-quality electric fencing supplies to avoid changing it all over time.

CONCLUSION: The Right One for You

Here, we have discussed the factors that should be considered in choosing the type of fences that suit you. Your and your family’s safety, together with the security of your properties, are commonly the reason why you choose to install fences.
Aesthetics should not be compromised as well. You can choose from wide varieties of fencing design and materials such as bamboo, chain link, wood, stone, and a lot more. You can use a combination of the types of fencing to add life and the creative layer in the fencing.
Always remember that the fence you install will reflect the kind of people living inside, and will add up value to your homes. You now have the idea which type of fencing to install. However, if you are still confused, do not hesitate to consult Hobart Fencing, the best professional service near you.