With the warmer weather and the growing popularity of pools and shopping malls, glass fencing is gaining track on its popularity. This kind of fencing is made of toughened glass held at the base oftentimes with a handrail at the top. Glass fences can be fully frameless, semi-frameless, or be the traditional glass fence with a handrail on top.
Glass fences are usually seen around pools, and homeowners who avail of self-cleaning glass coating on their fences will find that the boundaries require little maintenance. Glass fences can also be used for privacy purposes. Frosted glass can be installed in balconies, decks, or even gardens. The frost lets the light in but does not compromise privacy.
Aesthetically, glass fences enlarge your space and make your yard look bigger than it really is. If you have a nice view, a glass fence is the best option for you because it allows you to take full advantage of that scenery. Glass fences also fit any kind of landscaping design, so it will allow you to easily increase the value of your property. For swimming pool use, glass is resistant to chlorine, so it does not get damaged easily. It also gives parents great visibility to watch their kids swim. Glass fences are also great for a household with kids, especially toddlers who are in the stage of drawing all over the place. Using washable window markers, kids can draw all they want on glass fences without damaging the material.
Plexiglass fencing is another option when it comes to choosing material for your glass fence. Using plexiglass for your fence is less expensive, and the material certainly feels thicker and sturdier. However, after some time, the UV rays from the sun and the chemicals in the rain will cause the plexiglass to turn cloudy. There are also claims that plexiglass scratches easily while being cleaned.
If you would like to invest in fencing by Hobart, the glass fence is another excellent choice. There are a lot of choices when it comes to styles. Luckily, the fence and gate supplies of Hobart are technologically advanced, so you don’t need to worry about your curb appeal at all. Plus, having a glass fence installed by the fencing contractors of Hobart will even increase the value of your property!

Fence Installation

There are many methods and designs associated with glass fencing, and these all affect overall cost. Frameless glass fences are usually more expensive because they require thicker glass, but framed glass fences can be just as expensive if you use high-end metal poles. Installing a glass fence is not recommended for DIY, and the fencing contractors of Hobart are here to assist you with this project. The fence and gate supplies of Hobart are very well-equipped and can get this fence installation done in no time at all.

Sizes and Materials

The size of your glass fence depends on where you want to put it. If you would like it to surround the pool area, then the fencing supplies need to match the size of your pool. Likewise with either or deck or your garden. The thickness of the glass also depends on your choice of a frameless, semi-frameless, or traditional glass fence. The fencing contractors of Hobart will help you make these decisions based on your property, and will recommend which of these meets code and engineering requirements.

Fence Cost

There are a lot of companies to consider if you would like to have fencing in Tasmania or fencing in Australia. Still, the fencing contractors of Hobart can assure an affordable fencing price that is worth your money. A semi-frameless glass fence averages at $200 to $275 per metre while a frameless glass fence averages at $275 to $350 per metre. If you would like to have your fence customized, prices can reach as high as $650 to $950 per metre.

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