If you’d like to keep neighbourhood pets out but still invite people to admire your garden or to have a short chat, then a fence paling is perfect for you. This kind of wood fence allows people to view your yard and landscaping but keeps neighbourhood animals from entering.

Fence palings are often used as a decorative type of demarcation for houses, and they are most commonly found in neighbourhood areas with HOAs. Traditionally, fence palings were made out of wood then subsequently whitewashed to make it last longer. However, fence palings nowadays are widely available in PVC materials. When it comes to choosing visually pleasing fences, wood fences generally look naturally more beautiful due to its flexibility. After a long time, PVC fencing panels may have their shiny coat replaced with a chalky coating. However, PVC panels don’t change colours, and they do not require repainting (whereas wood fences do). If cleaned regularly, PVC panels will stay white year after year.

In comparison to other types of fences which provide a high level of security, fence palings can be climbed over, so they do not add that much security to your home. However, fence palings keep children and pets inside the yard, and other animals outside. Despite the boundary, fence palings still give homeowners the chance to talk to each other over their fences.

Fence Installation

Whatever you need a fence for – may it be to keep your kids and pets inside your lawn or to keep out robbers and nosy neighbours, getting a good quality wood fence from Hobart Fencing is never a bad decision. Installing fence palings can be a fun DIY activity, but it requires a lot of work on your end. Hobart Fencing can easily do the fence paling installation for you. They can even assist you in asking permission from the HOA before you have your fence installed. Doing this beforehand will save you money on fines. It will also save you from the possibility of being told to remove your entire fence. Hobart provides the best affordable fencing solution in Australia. Thus, you are assured that the fencing contractors of Hobart will leave a long-lasting structure in your property.

Sizes and Materials

Fence palings are generally 36” to 48” tall and can be made of several kinds of fencing supplies. The traditional material for fence palings is wood, but now there are also vinyl, aluminium, and PVC. While wood is the most common material used in fence palings, it is more susceptible to rot and weather damage. That is why people now prefer alternative materials like vinyl, aluminium, and PVC because they last longer, are more damage-resistant, and give a lot more value to money. In comparison to other wood fences or metal fences, vinyl ranks higher in terms of strength and flexibility. Vinyl is another kind of cheap fencing solution that you can get because it is a very low maintenance material. It may also last a lifetime with proper fence installation. In terms of strength, the vinyl fence is five times stronger than wood fences. It is durable, flexible, and also resistant to changes in weather conditions.

Fence Cost

A wood fence paling costs an average of $1375 to $1475 for just the basic kind of fence. The best type ranges from $1825 to $1985 including materials and installation. If you try to have a DIY fence paling project, cost can add up very quickly. That is why we suggest you get one of the fencing contractors of Hobart to do it for you. A vinyl or PVC fence paling costs an average of $15 to $30 per linear foot. For those who prefer to have a privacy fence, the overall cost could reach as low as $2,848 and $5,696 at most. A shorter vinyl or PVC fence ranges from $1,528 to $3,056.

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