Security, Visual Appeal, Privacy, and Increased Property Value will always be the four primary reasons why people have a fence installed along their property line. No matter what your reason is, Hobart Fencing takes in charge to realise a well-crafted fence for you.

Hobart Fencing will stand by its commitment of providing above excellent services to any project type. Our team will be there for our clients from beginning to end — from the free estimate up to the project’s successful completion. Our team, with the aid of our partner fencing contractors, will support our clients and give them what they need to achieve their fencing goals whether they need a new one or a fix of their old ones.

Free Estimation

We have a back-end support team that is always ready to give you a free quotation. The quotations provided to you will solely be based on your desired fencing. Rest assured that these will be transparent, fair, and with no hidden charges included. The team will also be the one to help you out get in touch with one of our trustworthy contractors.


The first available contractor nearby your place will get in touch with you and will ask further details about your expectations. He will be the one to present suggestions of the kind of materials to use and the timeline of the entire project.

Demolishing and Removal of Your Existing Fence

We make sure that we give nothing but convenience and comfort to our clients. You need not to worry about hiring another contractor to remove your existing fence as we provide this service as well. We will also be the one to have the old fence of yours mulched/recycled.


The contractor will always be in touch with you while the project is ongoing. He will appreciate feedback and further customisation requests. At the end of the day, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Construction Completion

Our lines will remain open for your enquiries even after the project is done. Customer service with Hobart Fencing does not end as we intend to make solid relationships with our clients.

We value the effort that goes into every fence design and its installation process. We give our best to guarantee that we will go beyond our best expectations. With premium craftsmanship and excellent eye on quality materials, Hobart Fencing has been known to be the best and most accessible fencing company in Hobart, Australia. Wherever you are, you will always have a fencing contractor to rely on. Whenever you want to have your fences built, you will always have a fencing contractor ready to get it done.

Hobart Fencing has the most technologically advanced products and materials in the fencing industry. We do our best to provide our clients with first-hand experience when they choose a custom design.

To get started, contact us for a free estimate.


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